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The Six Nations Box - The Scot Box

The Rugby Box

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The Rugby Box

(UK Only due to the pie. Please contact us directly for an international rugby box version).

Including a LARGE SCOTLAND FLAG, KILT CAN COOLER & MINI SCOTLAND RUGBY BALL, this Scot Box aims to bring the atmosphere of a Murrayfield home match to you!

Please note this box can only be sent within the UK due to international customs restrictions with meat products. If you would like to send this box without the meat pie, please get in touch with us directly. 

The Six Nations Box includes:

1 x Fray Bentos Pie (Chicken, Steak & Kidney or Veg Balti)

1 x 500ml Irn Bru

2 x Mackies Crisps 40g 

1 x Large Scotland Flag

1 x Kilt Can Cooler

1 x Scotland Rugby Keyring

1 x Mini Soft Rugby Ball

1 x Walkers Shortbread Pack

1 x Tunnock's Wafer (4 pack)

1 x Buchanan's Iron Brew Bon Bons (150g)

2 x Mars Bars

2 x Oor Wullie Highland Toffee Bars

2 x Oor Wullie Iron Brew Bars

A great way to enjoy the game around the big screen!


In an attempt to reduce or impact on the environment as much as possible, please note items are sent in a secure single postal box as seen in picture,  not a physical hamper or a second box. See FAQ's for further information about packaging.


FREE UK DELIVERY. This Box cannot be shipped abroad due to meat contents in the pie. If you would like to send this item abroad without the pie, please get in touch. 


Additional Information

Unfortunately UK ONLY for this Scot Box due to the contents of the box. 

We rely heavily on wholesalers and suppliers for our stock. On the rare occasion we don't have a particular item in stock, we will swap out the item with one of similar value.