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The Tartan Heart Box (UK & USA) - The Scot Box

The Tartan Heart Box

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This box will appeal to Tartan Hearts near and far! An ideal gift to ship to yer Scottish pals here in the UK, or to family with Scottish heritage living abroad. 

Our Tartan Heart Box Includes:


2x Mackies Haggis Crisps 

2x packets of sweets (options include Buchanan's Chocolate Caramels, Barley Sugars, Millar Pan Drops & Iron Brew Jelly Babies) 

1x Border Dark Chocolate Ginger Biscuits 

1x Rabbie Burns book of songs and poems

1x pair of tartan Kilt Socks

1x Haggis magnet

4x Fudgy Wudgy

4x Oor Wullie Highland Toffee bars 

4x Oor Wullie Iron Brew bars 


*Avaialble for UK & USA only*